Testosterone Undecanoate in the form of tablets: The pros and cons

Manufacturers of Testosterone Undecanoate, as well as companies that produce other steroids, have never missed an opportunity to offer buyers the drug in a convenient form. Therefore, in addition to injections, today the drug can also be purchased in the form of tablets. Tablets are considered to be more convenient for a lot of steroid users. Those who are not comfortable with injections or administering self-injections can opt for this steroid in tablet form. While both forms do provide benefits, it comes down to personal preference when choosing one over the other.

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Benefits when using the injectable form

Testosterone Undecanoate in the form of injections (amps or vials) has an important advantage as it has a sparing effect on the liver. The active ingredient, bypassing the bloodstream, is immediately delivered to the lymph system. As soon as the drug enters the body, it changes its shape. At its reception, no cases of reduced production of its own Testosterone were recorded.

Benefits when using the tablet form

Some athletes who have used the steroid in tablet form, note that even after their course intake, muscle growth is not as noticeable as we would like. Increasing the dose leads more to the occurrence of side effects than to the expected results. The benefit of using this drug in its tablet form, is that it is easy to carry and hide discreetly (without needing other instruments such as; needles and syringes. Also a good benefit this provides is the price! (being cheaper than other forms).

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