How to inject Testosterone Undecanoate or other injectable steroids correctly

If you use this drug in the form of injections, the natural question arises: How do you inject Testosterone Undecanoate or other injectable steroids?

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It is necessary to act in these stages:

  • Determine the concentration of Testosterone;
  • Use a sterile syringe and needle (pre-select the appropriate size, taking into account the oily texture of the drug);
  • Wash your hands and put on sterile gloves (do not touch non-sterile objects, if this happens then change your gloves);
  • Collect the required dose in the syringe (a thicker needle is used);
  • For the introduction of the drug, it is desirable to change the needle to a thinner one in order to reduce the pain;
  • Squeeze the air out of the syringe (it is important to prevent the entry of air bubbles into the human body in order to avoid an embolism);
  • Prepare a place for injection (wipe the area on the body with an alcohol wipe);
  • Give the injection (before pressing the syringe plunger, it is necessary to delay it slightly).

It is necessary to administer the drug evenly. The needle should be pulled out and a sterile ball of cotton wool should be applied to the injection site. All used materials must be discarded. After some time, redness and swelling should disappear from the injection site (if this occurs). The feeling of discomfort should also become absent. Users should always take the necessary steps to make sure injections are being done correctly. This takes time and patience, especially if you’ve never given yourself an injection. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend or your spouse to do it for you until you’re comfortable to inject on your own.

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