Testosterone Undecanoate Analogue: Is There a Difference?

Testosterone Undecanoate in the form of injections provides the same effect as any other Testosterone ester. But the Undecanoate ester has one main difference – the period of action or half-life. Other testimonials will help compare Testosterone Undecanoate with its analogues.

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How Testosterone Undecanoate differs from its analogues

The most popular analogue of Testosterone Undecanoate is Nebido. Their comparison allows us to find out that they are produced in the same dosage. The concentration of the main active substance per 1 ml is also identical.

The differences are in the name of the manufacturer, as well as cost. Testosterone Undecanoate is lower, which is important for many buyers. Given these differences, it can be concluded that the effect of the use of these drugs in the form of injections will be the same. But it is important to note that “Nebido” is more used for medicinal purposes as it allows you to get rid of primary and secondary hypogonadism. While Testosterone Undecanoate is a medication used by athletes to build muscle. Some users do get results when cycling with Testosterone Undecanoate. We are not implying that this steroid won’t be beneficial, however, more experienced athletes and bodybuilders will choose other forms of Testosterone to get the desired look and achieve their goals.

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